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As Millennials and social media have changed the corporate landscape, the need for a strong culture has risen to new heights. Statistics show that employee engagement is a primary priority to sustain a business. If you are experiencing early warning signs of disengagement, ask the JMac team to facilitate a needs assessment and help you develop and execute a strategy to ensure your competitive edge.

Conflict & Crisis

Though we never want to experience this, it does happen. More often than we want to admit. There are ways to turn this ugly situation into a beautiful outcome for all. Ask us how to make this seemingly impossible scenario possible.


Great leadership facilitates strong bottom line and personnel growth. Exceptional leadership exceeds this kind of growth by generating an awe-inspiring spirit within and around a business. Learning how to rise when circumstances fall is key to embodying this kind of greatness. JMac offers insight and tools to deliberately train you to be an exceptional leader.

Transformational Growth

Whether you are launching a new initiative, developing a new product or reaching new heights in your organizational expansion, this type of change begs to be harnessed. Ask about our Best Practices Model to help you navigate the areas that may be daunting to you, but predictable and exciting to us.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer McKenna is the founder and CEO of JMac Consulting. Transforming visions into reality, she is adept at extracting the Big Idea and breaking it down into measurable milestones. With a background in program and business development and change facilitation and consulting, Jennifer coaches leaders and guides the process of transformation.

Specializing in communications and strategy development, Jennifer is particularly savvy at identifying and changing patterns within the minds of business leaders and the inner workings of organizations that previously inhibited productivity and profitability.

Her focus is to lead the JMac team to honor and leverage the client’s mission and its people to achieve measurable victories and to ensure that the business itself enriches lives. Jennifer and her team infuse a fresh perspective into traditional organizational paradigms to ensure congruency, integrity and forward movement to enhance the business and the world at large.

Jennifer has been featured on Fox Atlanta and CBS for her work as a coach. She has also been recognized for her conscientious approach as a facilitator, working with highly sensitive subject matter to generate successful outcomes from controversial discussions. As a consultant she managed a team that launched a new industry category for a Fortune 100 company that was named a product of the year less than six months of the product launch. Exceeding goals is a habit for Jennifer as evidenced by the 365% business growth one client experienced over a 3-year period of time.

Over the course of the last fifteen  years, she has facilitated national conferences, expert panel discussions and a variety of planning retreats for organizations from all sectors. Jennifer is known to excel under pressure and has been called on to lead teams in crisis.


Though we often expect ourselves to be completely self-sufficient, no one can see their own blind spots. Even a coach needs a coach. JMac specializes in identifying unconscious patterns that perpetually cause a vicious cycle. You will gain clarity, wisdom and tools that take your professional experience to a whole new level.


There's nothing more powerful than an energized group of committed individuals with a sole focus on a common goal. Whether facilitating a strategic discussion or full retreat, the JMac promise is to provide participants with the ability to immediately integrate the outcomes into daily operations. Both pragmatic and strategic, the JMac approach leads to higher efficiency, productivity, morale and ultimately, measurable results.


You are an expert in your own right, but your expertise oftentimes doesn't include the whole scope of leading a team or a whole business. Inevitably there are points of stagnation, paralysis or grave challenges. JMac will temporarily integrate into your executive team seamlessly to identify the root of the issue, map out a plan for resolution and help you implement a sustainable solution while smoothly executing her own exit strategy as your team gains consistency and confidence.

JMac Services

Change is inevitable, especially in the workplace. Traditionally, change inside businesses is managed analytically. Corporations retain consultants who remain on site for months at a time, running quantitative analyses to inform productivity and profitability. Radical changes ensue, but how sustainable are these changes if they are based on facts and figures alone? With a high failure rate, this typical approach doesn't always provide lasting positive results.

This is where the impact of human emotion factors in.

Having the opportunity to work with Jennifer McKenna Weinbaum was one of the greatest
experiences of my professional life. As a consultant, she brought her breadth of experience and
insight on how to organize and run a thriving business. She pushed each of us to look a
ourselves through a different lens, challenging and breaking our ingrained "bad" habits along the
way to pave the way towards prosperous change. She provided sustainable tools and solutions o
help our teams function more efficiently and help employees communicate more effectively,
which allowed our firm to grow in ways we could have never imagined.

The Universal Abundance Difference

Change evokes fear. This is a primal instinct. Fear plays out in numerous destructive ways, inevitably causing more problems. In order for change to be accepted and adopted in the workplace, emotional intelligence needs to be integrated into the change process, and facilitated through activities such as leadership and communication training. Without proactively managing emotional intelligence, there is a high risk of collateral damage. Examples of this include high turnover of valued employees, HR grievances that can lead to unnecessary litigation, and poor leadership and management that cause both—all of the things that haunt your work-related nightmares.

Though change is never considered easy, the Universal Abundance approach facilitates change in a healthier, more holistic way where emotional intelligence is one of the most valuable aspects of change strategy development and implementation. It skyrockets morale, trust and resilience—invaluable emotional commodities that will allow the organization to be more agile and successful during times of inevitable change.

A Message from Jennifer

With over 15 years of consulting, coaching and facilitating experience, I continue to observe the power of our beliefs and emotions in the workplace. Universal Abundance remains my vision, and JMac Consulting offers targeted services to help businesses and leaders grow, succeed, and move through challenges with greater ease — while experiencing more gratification and gratitude.

A Client's Perspective

Jennifer also provided individual training for the firm's leadership - this is where I feel she truly excelled. As I worked with Jennifer one-on- one, she facilitated conversations that helped me embrace and expand on my strengths, finding the clarity to see and understand where I need to improve my own skills so that I could be the leader and mentor that our firm needed. She wasn't afraid to provide "tough love" when needed, and celebrated every success with vigor.

Jennifer's contract with our firm has concluded, but she continues to be a valued friend and coach, whose wisdom and advice I value greatly. My one wish for the future leaders of our firm would be to have the incredible opportunity of having Jennifer as a coach and mentor.

 E. Richardson, Principal, Collins Cooper Carusi Architects

A Universal Abundance Experience

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A Universal Abundance Experience



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